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Le printemps


Spring like spring of the bodies. An incredible, erotic and hysterical promise of a body to which the world reveals itself. Fully. Spring spreads out its lyrical light in choreography where freshness and vigour are intact, where nothing is withered. Bodies start running, turn around, bump into the walls and fall… Dazzling and ceaseless forms of a fresh and cruel beauty. Spring by Diverrès is the promise of an embedded beauty, which is revealed after a ritual and immoderate dance that draws and blurs at the same time the shapes of articulated bodies, dislocated by a breathing.

Jean-Marc Adolphe, novembre 1988.


Choreography Catherine Diverrès

dancers Luis Ayet, Thierry Bae, Fabienne Compet, Catherine Diverrès, Bernardo Montet, Rita Quaglia, Mitsuyo Uesugi

stage design Gyula Pauer

lightings Pierre-Yves Lohier

costumes Cidalia Da Costa, Eva Mark

film Théo Hernandez

musicVincenzo Bellini, Prokoviev, Eiji Nakasawa

Duration : 90′