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L’arbitre des élégances


L’Arbitre des élégances is a milestone. (…) On a stage strewn with small white beads, five figures in flowing black robes, with white collars and bonnets. Perfectly controlled, the impact of bodies which come together, clash and fall violently to the ground, the excesses of bodies depict a rupture, a revolt, a cry which strikes us to the core. Fast movement, sudden halts, brusque pirouettes : excess precedes everything, spreading through a physical world with multiple dimensions.

Laurent Barré


Premiere at the Festival Sigma de Bordeauxin 1986

choreography by Catherine Diverrès

dancers Thierry Bae, Catherine Diverrès, Bernardo Montet, Marion Mortureux, Joseph Nadj

actor Alain Rigout

music Bach, Bartok, Schubert

stage design Jean Yves Bouchicot, Catherine Diverrès, Goury

costumes Manon Martin, Goury, Chantal Rader

duration : 1h20′

For Carré Saint-Vincent Orléans, in co-production with the Festival of Avignon, Théâtre de la Ville Paris, Studio DM, sponsored by ADAMI.

Texts : Avis de décès, Hamlet-machine, Heiner Müller, transl. Jean Jourdheuil, Heinz Scharzinger, ed. de minuit. Tumeur cervykale in Théâtre complet, V, Witkiewicz, transl. Alain Van Crugten, ed. L’âge d’homme.