About This Project

La maison du sourd


Premiere on November 12, 13, 14 and 15 at the International Festival Mettre en Scène 2008


All creation consists of accumulation and then subtraction. The through-line which has been my focal point is that of transmission, memory in all its forms, but without nostalgia, narration, image or citation. It comes to us to ask questions about identity, without being identitary, about community, but not about communitarianism, where Spain becomes a pretext, a pre-text, an architecture of the senses, the imaginary motor of the present. Against the flattening of aesthetic, to bring forth the singular, the particular in a common dialogue which will not erase anyone’s identity; the project will use performers both French and Spanish, as well as three musicians, one French, one Japanese, and one Spanish. Already in play is the defining of the relationship between dance and music, not the learned and written kind, more insolent, more unpredictable.

I am seeking to bring our guest artists into a space of exchange, the stage. Each of the artists will find his or her space, responding with his or her movement and vocabulary, in a space-time form that is both open and defined (like one of those long takes in film), to leave a space in my own vocabulary, an opening for other movement in response to precisely formulated questions. The guest may be present for the performance or not, work with the group of performers or intervene using other media, texts, images the form I envisage is flexible and continues in the tradition of my work Blowin’ (based on improv work but contained within specific themes and principles, allowing the programmer at each venue to lay out “his” performance).

To pursue, to prolong, to transform the exploration of a shared responsibility of the act of creating a form, in a single space-time module. Perhaps the piece will be polymorphous, changing with the participation of the different guest artists (possibly then in different versions), or perhaps it will end up as a finished work, marked by the ideas and directions of these artists.

Catherine Diverrès


Piece for seven dancers and three musicians

Choreography Catherine Diverrès

Artistic collaboration Laurent Peduzzi

Dancers [in progress] Fabrice Dasse, Julien Fouché, Sung-Im kweon, Emilio Urbina, Thierry Micouin

Musicians Seijiro Murayama, percussion Jean-Luc Guionnet, saxophone Mattin, computer guest artists Mónica Valenciano, Choreographer Chus Domínguez, video director


Production Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne

Coproduction Théâtre National de Bretagne Ambassade de France à Madrid