About This Project



Antonio Pinto Ribeiro Director of Culturgest, Lisbon, suggested to Catherine Diverrès that she should create a short presentation dedicated to Oskar Schlemmer

San (beyond) The “beyond” is an area where our power of action, even symbolic, is suspended. “It is possible once again to make out, within this area, a foreground and an area beyond, but the foreground has no connection with the physical spatiality of the spectator. The foreground and the beyond are both viewed from a point that is immensely remote , so remote that it cannot be measured. “The beyond cannot be crossed. In it, all our attempts to move, our very ability to move is impotent. It is not a question of the eye accommodating and adjusting to a given depth. “Near and far continuously merge one into another”, without markers so that distances that can only be measured in terms of perspective. Henri Maldiney Opening the void, naked art


Choreography Catherine Diverrès

stage design Laurent Peduzzi

dancers Osman Kassen Khelili Nam-Jin Kim Fabrice Lambert

Lighting Marie-Christine Soma Assisted by Pierre Gaillardot

Costumes Cidalia da Costa

sound and mixing Denis Gambiez

A production of Culturgest Lisbon,Théâtre National de Bretagne, Centre Chorégraphique National de Rennes et de Bretagne