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Création 1995

Retour is a retrospect on the troupe’s repertory, from Instance, to Sky’s Shadow, this memory of plays which continue to exist after time, ageing at times, maturing and changing. Retour tries to show the colour and the differences, the climate, which make up the choreographer’s specific universe.Re-creation 1995


Choreography Catherine Diverrès

dancers Thierry Bae, Fabrice Dasse, Catherine Diverrès, Katja Fleig, Olivier Gelpe, Bernardo Montet, Marion Mortureux-Bae, Kathleen Reynolds, Paul Wenninger

lightnings Pierre-Yves Lohier

costumes Cidalia da Costa

music Eiji Nakasawa, Heinz Holliger, Xénakis, Alban Berg, Bach

texts Bossuet, Pessoa, Anna Akhmatova, songs Alain Rigout (L’écho de plomb, text by G. Manley Hopkins).

duration : 70′

production : CCNRB, with the support of Théâtre National de Bretagne Extracts from Fragments (1989), Ces poussières (1993), Tauride (1992), L’arbitre des élégances (1986) Concertino (1990).