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Lie, ou le sol écarlate


The word dregs itself shows how Catherine Diverrès wants to work on heterogeneousness, impurity, the swarming of the visible. No more angelic space. Here we are faced with its rough and even violent other side. Nowadays, when polished aesthetics and clear conscience-good taste prevail, such a venture is terribly risky, once again. In Catherine Diverrès, I salute the one who, with a quiet and perfectly mastered assurance, is capable of breaking loose from everything. We’ll see who accepts to get carried away by this deviancy that’s not devoided of humour or even less of choreographic beauty, far from the decorative.

Laurence Louppe, in Itinéraire de Catherine Diverrès


Premiere at the Festival de Montpellier, in 1985

Choreography Catherine Diverrès

dancers Catherine Diverrès, Bernardo Montet, Pascale Murtin, Eric de Rondepierre, Compagnie du Grand Magasin

music Berg, Eiji Nakazawa

stage design Goury, Eric de Rondepierre

costumes Goury

duration : 80′