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Le rêve d’Helen Keller


Diverrès-Montet let us share the blindness of a pure body. They managed to depict; a difficult thing in a world devoided of space and pictures. A barely possible experience. Actually, through this paradox they brought us back to the very roots of an elusive urge that is maybe called dance. A flow (…) without shapes or figures.

Laurence Louppe, in Itinéraire de Catherine Diverrès 1984


choreography Catherine Diverrès

lightings Pierre-Yves Lohier

painting Jean-Yves Bouchicot

music Eiji Nakazawa

dancers B. Clandier , C. Diverrès, B. Montet, N. Pourrhosseini

duration : 62′

First prize at the Bagnolet international contest in 1984