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Amongst the multiple attempts of many choreographers, Catherine Diverrès with this magisterial piece succeed in expressing a climate of uncertainty, of violence, as well as a certain decadence that passes through the end of this century. This time, Diverrès integrates gestures into the traditional theatre that she explodes in an original form of a high emotional intensity. The scenes, which follow each other, merge or overlap in a vine-coloured light, bringing out imaginary or real characters (…) from our memories. The strength of the piece comes from a constant here and there between behaviours conjuring up war, attack, torture, injustice of today’s world, concentrated on the Mediterranean basin, and their assimilation to the tragedy of Aeschylus.

Marcelle Michel, in Libération 1992


choreography Catherine Diverrès

dancers Luis Ayet-Puigarnau, Thierry Bae, Fabrice Dasse, Catherine Diverrès, Katja Fleig, Olivier Gelpe, Anne Koren, Vera Mantero, Bernardo Montet, Marion Mortureux, Rita Quaglia, Giuseppe Scaramella

lightings Pierre-Yves Lohier

music Fred Frith, recording music Beethoven, Schoenberg, Xenakis

sound and mixing Luis Ayet-Puigarnau, Bernardo Montet, Denis Gambiez

costumes Cidalia Da Costa, Manon Martin

stage design Jean Haas

film Teo Hernandez

duration : 1h30′


Produced by : Angers CNDC, Théâtre de la Ville