atelier danse contemporaine, le havre
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A solar and stellar piece with cold shadowy sides of the moon and summer nights.  Abstract. Fragments of colour. From number to slumber. Catherine Diverrès As a two-step, two-stage journey, from the solo composition to the work of the troupe, this play by Catherine Diverrès refers to the exploration of her own choreographic language. With a keen desire to measure, to explore this singular journey and to share its development with the audience, the choreographer wishes to go back over this determined journey through a nervous, abstract and rebellious dance. In solo, <b>Catherine Diverrès</b> unfolds time. Her presence and gestures open up abstract spaces which have something ineffable and intractable. With the dancers of the choreographic centre, she enables us to grasp the movement of a writing in the most intimate way; a writing which places the strengths and energy of dances into major universal upheavals, whether they be political or telluric. From the memory of bodies to poetic irruption, the mental spaces which sketch the work of Catherine Diverrès are based on doubt in order to keep dance on alert and a thought in constant exploration.

Irène Filiberti 1997


choreography Catherine Diverrès

dancers Stances I : Alessandro Bernardeschi, Fabrice Lambert, Fabrice Dasse, Carole Gomes, Osman Kassen Khelili, Isabelle Kürzi, Cécile Loyer, Nam-Jin Kim

Stance II : Catherine Diverrès

stage design Daniel Jeanneteau

lightnings Marie-Christine Soma

music Eiji Nakazawa

costumes Cidalia da Costa

Specially commissioned by the 9th National Dance Festival of the Val-de-Marne departmental district

In co-production with the Centre choregraphic National de Rennes et de Bretagne Théâtre Romain Rolland of Villejuif ; National Dance Festival of the Val-de-Marne departmental district . Subsidy for artistic creation from the Val-de-Marne General Council