About This Project



In Fragments, the theme is cut out, shifted by light, carved from some Tchekov or Pasolini. Its a desert place from where packs of shadows, sharp movements, quaint objects and delicate gestures spring up. We attempt to clear gestures of their contents so that they seem to be suspended, sculpted in an age-old bracket where emotions get crushed. Catherine Diverrès


choreography Catherine Diverrès

dancers Luis Ayet, Thierry Bae, Fabienne Compet, Catherine Diverrès, Olivier Gelpe, Bernardo Montet, Rita Quaglia, Alain Rigout, Loïc Touzé, Mitsuyo Uesugi

stage design Gyula Pauer

music Eiji Nakazawa

lightings Pierre-Yves Lohier$

costumes Cidalia da Costa

texts, said by Alain Rigout, extracts from La confession de saint Augustin first part (recorded text) ; Sermon aux démons, second part Bossuet (recorded text) ; Pasolini


duration : 70′

produced by : Orléans