About This Project



The piece is divided into two parts of 50 minutes each and has been first performed during the international Dance Festival of Cannes in december 2003

new territories festival at the Tramway (Glasgow), the 15th of march 2005]


Echo is like a journey through various fragments from previous pieces. The company composed of both former and new dancers goes through Catherine Diverrès’ choreographic language, experiment it and give a new interpretation of the former pieces, with regard but in a critical way. “It would be like taking up things where they were and attempt to suspend and evade time. Melting down (in an articulated form) the precipitate of previous pieces, bringing out the specific touch from each of them and creating a new form that would express community on a stage, the chorus and the dancers’s solidarity.” Catherine Diverrès, December 2003


a piece for 9 dancers

choreography by Catherine Diverrès

artistic collaboration and stage design Laurent Peduzzi

costumes Cidalia da Costa masks Hafid Bachiri

lightings Catherine Diverrès and Pierre Gaillardot

dancers Fabrice Dasse, Julien Fouché, Carole Gomes, Marta Izquierdo Munoz, Osman Kassen Khelili, Sung-Im Kweon, Filipe Lourenço, Thierry Micouin, Kathleen Reynolds with fragments from L’Arbitre des elegances 1986 L’Ombre du ciel 1994 Fragment II 1989 Concertino 1990 Stance 1 1997 Corpus 1999 Fruits 1996

coproducers festival international de danse de Cannes centre de chorégraphique national de Rennes et Bretagne


1st part, Echo 1 : 45′

2nd part, Echo 2 : 50′