Inaugurated in November 2013, Studio 8 was built to best accommodate the artistic mission of the Compagnie Catherine Diverrès as part of the dance theatre section of the Théâtre Anne de Bretagne.

This space is dedicated to:


A space for creation and rehearsal for the Compagnie.

It also offers creation residencies for local and national companies co-produced by the Théâtre Anne de Bretagne.

Community outreach

Contemporary dance workshops directed at amateur dancers.

Contemporary dance workshops for dancers in the schools.

A cycle of dance encounters: film screenings, lectures, open rehearsals, exhibitions ….

Mediation and increasing awareness of contemporary dance outside the walls of the Studio, in partnership with the Grain de Sel, the Hermine, the Beaux Arts Museum of Vannes, the Conservatoires à Rayonnement Départemental in Vannes and Sarzeau, the Artisans Filmeurs Associés, and the mediathèques of the entire region ….

Training and transmission

Training courses led by Catherine Diverrès for professional dancers.

Other courses for both amateurs and professionals led by professional dancers.

Full days of training led by dancers from the Company for dance teachers and teachers in the schools.


Studio 8

8 rue de lorraine

56860 Séné – France

+ 33 (0)2 97 47 76 75 /



Work space of 423 m2 in two sections

1st section: 1 office, 3 dressing rooms, 4 showers, 3 restrooms, 1 laundry room, 1 common area with a small kitchenette.

2nd section: dance studio 245 m² with a dance floor, a sound system and screens



Studio 8 is located in Séné in the département of Morbihan, 5 kms from the city of Vannes.

It is both the creative venue and the rehearsal studio for the Compagnie Catherine Diverrès, a true work space, made available to the company by the city of Vannes and the Théâtre Anne de Bretagne, and it also hosts other companies for working artistic residencies.

The dance space, 245 m², has a dance floor, a sound system and screens. There are dressing rooms, showers and bathrooms, as well as a common area with a small kitchenette.

Residencies at Studio 8 culminate in residency endings at the end of each residency, including open rehearsals or a semi-staging of whatever the company has worked on during its time at the studio. The Compagnie Catherine Diverrès and the company in residence both invite small audiences of friends, partners and other professionals to these events.

Requests for residencies are made via email,

and they are organized according to the availability of the dance space over the season.



The Compagnie Kassen K

May 27 to June 6, 2015

La main de Dieu

In this new section of Osman Kassen Khelili and Roberto Vidal’s project, the two South American artists find themselves at Studio 8 to combine and blend their working processes.

They exchange memories and dance and travel anecdotes and poetry in a back-and-forth where bodies and plastic arts create a dialogue.

A project supported by the Collective DANSE RENNES MÉTROPOLE, the conservatory of Beauvais – L’Élaboratoire – The Triangle, a city of dance – Rennes- and STUDIO 8 Compagnie Catherine Diverrès in Séné.

Studio 8, June 6, 2015 at 12:00 PM

End of residency:

Working version of La main de Dieu


The association Tamalpa France

March 16- 19 and April 18 -26, 2015

Marie Motais proposes a training program, Life/art process, Level 1.

It is a practice whose uniqueness consists of integrating movement, dance, visual arts, performance techniques, communication tools and pedagogical tools, to support artistic creation and encourage creativity in the personal, professional and social domains.

Tamalpa France is the French branch of the Tamalpa Institute, an institute founded in 1978 in California by Anna Halprin and her daughter Daria.


The compagnie TNA, Théâtre nomade Autonome

October 27- 31, 2015


Naked skin can be seen as a space for writing, for memory. The materials which cover it, little by little, invite the audience to begin a journey, without necessarily telling them exactly how or where to go. The questions of markings, marks and musicality are a constant in the background.

Conception and performance: Simon Queven

Diatonic accordion: Janick Martin

Zither and viola da gamba: Ronan Pellen

Artistic consultant: Cécile Borne

This project is supported by the city of Rennes, the Collective DANSE RENNES MÉTROPOLE and the Voilerie Danse.

Studio 8, October 31, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Residency ending:

Working version of AKT MEMORY


Les productions du dehors

April 14- 19, 2014

September 1- 6, 2014

October 20- 25, 2014

1 heure 23′ 14″ et 7 centièmes

a piece by and with Jacques Gamblin and Bastien Lefèvre

text: Jacques Gamblin

movement:Bastien Lefevre

set: Alain Burkarth

lighting: Laurent Béal

training staff: Anne Bourgeois, Domitille Bioret, Catherine Gamblin Lefevre et Yannik Hugron

Production: Productions du dehors

Coproduction: La Maison de la Culture of Amiens, the Théâtre – Saint-Nazaire, CNCDC – Châteauvallon, the Forum – Frejus, the Coursive – Scène nationale de la Rochelle, Bonlieu – L’Arc – Scène national du Creusot, the Théâtre Anne de Bretagne – Vannes, l’Archipel – Granville, the Théâtre – Coutances, the Radiant – Calluire and CentQuatre.

This creation was also part of a residency at CentQuatre (Paris)

Two men share a common need for action, movement, and physical activity, something they discovered during their childhood.

Jacques runs track races and cross country races, and Bastien wears himself out on the hand ball fields.

The pleasure of letting go, alone or with an opponent, transforms over time into something which takes them out of the locker rooms, the gym, the stadiums and brings them into the dressing room, the studio, the stage.

There is admiration for the rigors of training, seeking the right movement, controlling the self, the emotion of victory and the power of facing challenges.

After sharing the adventure of their Tout est normal mon cœur scintille, the idea of starting again on a new project associating theatre and dance – seemed like an obvious choice.


La compagnie M.C.A

May 26 – June 1, 2014

Tselem, the first choreographic work by Capucine Goust, is based on her many experiences as a dancer. In this solo, she explores a theory, some extremely personal questions, while maintaining the virtuosity of dance, its poetry and elegance, and the social ties it may create.

Tselem is an homage to a dead friend, where death is an awakening, an awareness of the moment, of the essential. There is an urgency in finding meaning, facing a moment where certain landmarks have shifted. This solo explores the idea from image to dance, the meaning and the place for our rituals, as well as our awareness of them.