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After 17 years of choreographic creation, Catherine Diverrès is at tempting to pass on her creation. The extracts of her solo works, like punctuations as time goes by, show that she is determined to pass on these instants to the troupe’s female performers and to gather them in the sole and unique evening. “I have never passed a choreography on that I have composed for myself and which carries a story. I have understood that I could pass on something very intimate and from the past, something that is not comparable with the process of creation, because in the latter, I base my creation on characters and it grows from them. Here, it is something secret, a sort of self-sacrifice. It is like leaving one’s last private perimeter. I am happy to see those shapes come to life again, those impulses which went through 15 years of my life or so, like sparks, small fragments of past works, now inhabited by other women. Later on, these dances may be passed on by them. Because dance is passed on from hand to hand, with words and more. There are so many ways to raise an arm! Images alone do not enable you to pass it on. Images reflect the surface of shapes, not what gives them life and allows their appearance. There is something strange related to filiations, women, time. Strange because it is self appearing, which is not itself, but which is past and comes back. Your own ghosts embodied in other bodies, in the skin of costumes, in the breath of musical sparkles, will-o’-the-wisp which light up the shadow of my memory.”

Catherine Diverrès, July 2000


choreography Catherine Diverrès

lightings Marie-Christine Soma

Dancers Catherine Diverrès, Carole Gomes, Isabelle Kürzi

Costumes Cidalia da Costa

film Teo Hernandez

duration : 55′

produced by Centre Chorégraphique National de Rennes et de Bretagne excerpts from Instance, The Referee of élégances, Concertino, These Dusts, Sky Shadow, Corpus, And a film by Téo Hernandez