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(Duet – création 2015)


Collaboration artistique LAURENT PEDUZZI
Crédit Nadja La Ganza et Rafael Pardillo


I have not written a duet for 30 years (since the creation of Instance with Bernardo Montant in 1983), or at least no more than a few fleeting moments in other works.

Constancies and Domains of thought exist which for an artist are formed by time, in phase with their era but which remain a base, particularly when they revolve around the collective, men and women, intelligently.
The mobility of the company is important, and withdrawing into one area would be “deathly”. I’m especialy interested in the dancers and transmission over time, and that means not having a “flat vision of space and time” but one with life where the loyalty of the dancers is vital and constructive. That is the “heart” of the creative project and the ramifica- tions are countless. Amongst other things, this concerns the question of an artist’s mobility in Europe.
The project reconciles the life of the repertoire in small forms,aswithStanceIIorÔSenseï (women’ssolos).Dentro brings together two exceptional male dancers of a similar age (35 and 40) from different horizons by their nationalities – one Spanish, the other Greek – and their professional back- grounds. Their relationship unites us around different expe- riences…
Bringing together these two dancers is a challenge and it will be an enormous pleasure for me to work with.
The duet presents symmetry rather as an obstacle from which the binary question often emerges: male/female identity and opposition/fusion… How can this pitfall be avoided? Either by including a third element, or by consi- dering the two individuals as one: by which I mean the
projection of one’s double, shadow, past and future as possibilities to be revealed, supposed, projected, fantasized,…
To merge, in terms of intellectual distance, Real and Virtual, Desire and Recollection (even desire for recollection) into an emotional investment, how is that woven, how is that constructed? Maybe through the two languages: castillan and greek in this case? (Maybe not)… One may identify with the other and the two memories, stories, desires may change places…
At a time when Europe struggles to exist, to live, to reco- gnise itself… Singular brothers, or the heads and tails of both…
Their bodies, movements and personalities will allow the story of these two “exceptional” dancers to cross over via their confidence in dance and their uneasy yet positive feeling about the future…
My role should be that of the third element: medium, discreet purveyor but whose intention is to leave them room, encourage abandonment, confidence, so that their intimacy can be revealed to us.
The choreographer may even become the marionette as the strings to be revealed by them, by their two perso- nalities… And if the languages are discreet, this will only highlight their presence, which speaks for itself…
Catherine Diverrès




PRODUCTION Compagnie Catherine Diverrès. Association d’Octobre
COPRODUCTION : TAB / Théâtre Anne de Bretagne – Vannes, Festival de danse – Cannes,
Pôle Sud, Centre de développement chorégraphique – Strasbourg.
Accueil studio – Centre chorégraphique national de Tours.
Accueil studio – Le Phare / Centre chorégraphique national du Havre Haute-Normandie,
Accueil studio – Centre chorégraphique national de Nantes.
Textes : Oscar Curieses, Textes Dentro (Poesia) Edition Bartleby, 2010 ; Tassios A. Gkekas, poème “Heure Zéro” – Τυχοδιώκτης 2012


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25 septembre // Festival Cadences, Arcachon

18 octobre // Avis de grand frais, CCN de Caen


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