As part of Carte blanche for Catherine Diverrès at the Théâtre Anne de Bretagne

June 5, 2015 at Studio 8 (adults)

BERNARDO MONTET proposes a simple approach to the fundamentals, using walking, rhythm and play, relationship to the space, inside and outside the self, the relationship to time, to others.

Using one’s fragility to create a space of knowledge, of emancipation.

The workshop is organized by the Compagnie Catherine Diverrès and the Compagnie ESKEMM in collaboration with the département of Morbihan


June 6, 2015, at Studio 8 (parents- children six and older)

OSMAN KASSEN KHELILI and ROBERTO VIDAL, Compagnie KASSEN K are South American choreographers and artists. Experienced pedagogically, they focus their approach on the interaction of the body with the plastic arts. They emphasize increasing awareness of the body and the senses, an exploration of their chosen creative paths: between using space and the manipulation of objects.

The workshop organized by the Compagnie Catherine Diverrès in partnership with the Théâtre Anne de Bretagne.


As part of the Exhibition Suite musicale by Alain Kirili, Musée des Beaux-arts of Vannes, workshop from May 5 -17, 2014 at Studio 8

CATHERINE DIVERRES proposes a sensitive, choreographic approach to a sculptor and plastician’s exhibition, giving it another presence, a different perspective, interpreting the sculptor’s gesture in this specific space, which the choreographic movement may transform, deform, displace ….

Event, May 17, 2015 during the event called La nuit des musées


As part of PLAGE DE DANSE, May 30, 2014

A contemporary dance festival at the Presqu’île de Rhuys, at l’Hermine, Cultural Space of Sarzeau

Kathleen Reynolds and Akiko Hasegawa propose an exploration of Catherine Diverrès’ aesthetic: taking of the space, of time, transfers of weight, the dynamics and the combined, dissociated or unified qualities. These two dancers from the company develop, in her own way, certain fundamentals, working closely with detail, quality and unity.

Plage de danse is supported by the community of communes of the Presqu’île de Rhuys


Under the auspices of the performance of Solides at the Théâtre Anne de Bretagne

Studio 8, January 18, 2014

CATHERINE DIVERRES reveals the hidden parts of the process of creating contemporary dance … The instructions: letting go, feeling the floor, awareness of the weight of the head, six steps forward and four steps in a circle …. Your legs carry you, the mechanics of it stops by itself. Space is material, it is you who shapes it, feeling the weight of your body.

Stage Bernardo Montet



What are the artists of the 21st century working toward?

Palais des Arts, Vannes,  October 11, 2014, 2:00 PM

The Association of the Freudian Cause of Val de Loire –Brittany offers encounters focusing on Art and Psychoanalysis.

Dance and Psychoanalysis with Catherine Diverrès and Jeanne Boucla

Stage Cie Kassen K



Centre Georges Pompidou, March 1, 2014 at 3:00 PM

A new video dance festival, a proposition by Valérie Da Costa

This brand new edition of Vidéodanse explores the relationship contemporary dance has with memory, forgetting and reminiscence.

Screenings of dance films on the creative process of choreographers of different generations as well as daily encounters with choreographers, dancers, historians and dance critics.

An encounter/ homage to Kazuo Ohno by Catherine Diverrès

Screening of her piece Ô Sensei

(2012, 26’, directed by Luc Riolon)

In the early 80s, the choreographer Catherine Diverrès discovered the work of Kazuo Ohno (1906- 2010), a master of Butoh dance, which she studied in Japan.

In 2011, a year after the death of Kazuo Ohno, Catherine Diverrès created Ô Sensei. This solo is a kind of homage to the work of Kazuo Ohno, as well as a revisiting of her time 30 years ago when she was studying Ohno’s art in Japan. Ô Sensei evokes this important moment which forever changed the choreographer’s journey.


Studio 8, December 9, 2014 at 8:30 PM, in partnership with Le grain de Sel, Séné

The trunk of souvenirs

Catherine Diverrès invites you to a very special choreographic event, an intimate and complicit glance inside her artistic journey. Using a game of questions and answers, discover some of the works by the choreographer: Instance (1983), Le Rêve d’Helen Keller (1984), Lie ou le sol écarlate (1985), L’Arbitre des élégances (1986), Le Printemps (1988), Fragment (1988/1989), Concertino (1990), Tauride (1992), Ces Poussières (1993), L’Ombre du ciel (1994), Retour (1995), Fruits (1996), Stances 1 & Stance 2 (1997), Corpus (1999), Le Double de la bataille (1999), 4+1 (Little song) (2000), San (Lointain) (2001), Voltes (2001), Cantieri (2002), Echo (2003), Solides (2004), alla prima (2005), Blowin’ (2007), La Maison du sourd (2008), Encor (2010), Ô Senseï (2011) and Penthésilées … (2013).




Studio 8, April 30, 2014 at 8:30 PM

An evening of screenings, entitled Mémoires Vives

On the program: cine- choreographic short films, in the presence of their directors, Cécile Borne and Thierry Salvert.

La paludière, Les ouvrières du textile and La céramiste

Each film deals with the same 3 themes: the woman, work, the body.

Using the multiple visions of two directors, a dancer and a composer, they examine the universe of a woman in her daily professional life, revealing the strength of her work and her imagination.


Studio 8, November 26, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Jours étranges, a film by Julien Oberlander, 2012, 58 mn

From September 2011 to March of 2012, 11 amateur dancers accompanied by 2 professional dancers participated in the revival of the work Jours étranges by the late choreographer Dominique Bagouet. This documentary is the story of these young dancers who brought to life a work by affirming who they are.


Studio 8, November 4, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Vous dansez? Catherine Diverrès

A documentary by Hervé Portanguen

2007 – 52 mn

La Compagnie des Indes, France 3 Ouest, the CCNRB, with participation from the CNC, the region of Brittany and from the city of Rennes.

An impressionistic, intimate view of rarely seen parts of the work, performances and creative process of Catherine Diverrès, dancer and choreographer, the director of the Centre Chorégraphique de Rennes et de Bretagne, the creator for more than 20 years of singular, important works. an artist committed to the contemporary choreographic scene in Europe.




During the 2015- 2016 school year at the Lycée Charles de Gaulle in Vannes, in partnership with the Théâtre Anne de Bretagne, a junior-level literature class will explore the use of space in dance, from anxiety to intelligent construction, with the choreographer Catherine Diverrès.

In March 2016, as part of MOUV’ment T, 7 days and 7 evenings of contemporary dance at the Théâtre Anne de Bretagne, the students will perform in an event, the revival of workshops given by Catherine Diverrès.

Students will meet the choreographer and dancers at Studio 8, and will learn about the company’s journey, about company life. They will also have a guided tour of the Théâtre Anne de Bretagne, learning more about the economic and artistic issues affecting a public cultural institution in France.

Ateliers chorégraphiques au lycée receives support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the DRAC Brittany region, the regional Council of Brittany, the dispositif KARTA and the Théâtre Anne de Bretagne.



The project Artiste en résidence à l’école took place for three years at the elementary school Jean Moulin and at the middle school Saint-Exupéry, the CHAM classes in Vannes. The compagnie Catherine Diverrès brought them Petits solides, a light, pedagogical event which combines practical workshops and also a performance.

This project includes the fundamental principles of contemporary dance, including elements of space, time, weight, shapes and objects. The workshops are led by dancers from the Compagnie Catherine Diverrès.

Artiste en résidence à l’école receives support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the DRAC Brittany region; the Ministry of National Education, the Théâtre Anne de Bretagne and the Compagnie Catherine Diverrès.